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The international scientific and technical journal

“Innovative and Information Manufacturing Technologies”

is designed for publication of articles of scientists and professionals working in the field of modern science consuming technologies of the fundamental and applied nature. 

The content of the manuscripts should reflect new developments in science and technology in the field of innovation and information technologies and their practical importance, meet the technical focus of the collection of the articles and be of interest to a wide range of professionals.

  The manuscripts of the articles should summarize the new and original that was developed by the authors, showing the advantage over similar products, describe their features and practical significance. The results of the work should not be presented in the form of abstracts. The articles sent to the Editorial Board must be written in English, and they are subject to mandatory peer review. In the process of the peer review the articles are checked for plagiarism, the degree of novelty is established and their compliance with the requirements of the journal is stated.

  The Editorial Board believe that this journal will intensify the exchange and receiving of up to date information in the field of the innovation and information technologies, creation of new generation technologies and will contribute to the development of engineering, basic and applied research. We are confident that the publication of this journal will allow scientists and engineers to get acquainted with the latest achievements of scientific schools of universities and research organizations in different countries.

  We invite scholars and professionals to the publication of their scientific articles in our journal. Welcome to the world of the innovation and information manufacturing technologies.

    Macro-, micro-and nanotechnologies, integrated, combined, function-oriented, knowledge-intensive and innovative technologies.
    CAD / CAM / CAE / CALS / PLM-systems.
    Optimization of material processing: pressure processing, cutting, physical and chemical methods, powder metallurgy.
    Optimization of the assembly, welding, painting and packaging technologies.
    Operation, maintenance, life cycle of the product.
    Automation of production processes.
    Progressive equipment and tools.
    Materials and surface engineering.
    Product quality and technical system control.

All issues are available here:

https://yadi.sk/d/qdxP0VPX3DePMt   2016

https://yadi.sk/d/opK9HqYZ3DePUD   2014

https://yadi.sk/d/ALAdaUch3DePeD   2013

https://yadi.sk/i/5aLPuWi-3FxVYv   2012

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https://yadi.sk/d/RZmsR1Zu3DeQ2e   2009

https://yadi.sk/d/82kASiIm3Dybx8   2008